27 June 2007

Fun with Oreos

Tonight was a good night... a relaxing, summer dinner... grilled hamburgers and hot dogs. The best part was after dinner. We busted out a fresh package of double stuff Oreo cookies. The kids loved 'em. They were totally into dipping them in milk. If you are a dipper then you know the trick is not too long in the milk or the cookie gets too soft and not to short in the milk or the cookie doesn't absorb enough milk. One of the highlights was when I dropped my cookie in my milk. Emma thought it was hilarious. Sam's highlight was using his finger to dig the cream off the cookie. He had Oreo all over his face. It's funny when you eat an Oreo it's hard not to sing the Oreo song... at least hum it.


Glenda said...

It was good times!

pushCHICK said...

Double stuffed is my FAVE!!!!!!!!

good times indeed!

Dana said...

love those double stuffed!