14 June 2007

lions and tigers and bears oh my

We started the day with a little Starbucks... of course. Then made our way down to the Circular Quay (pronounced "key"). The first highlight of the day was taking a ferry ride across the harbour to North Sydney. North Sydney is home to Taronga Zoo. This zoo was unbelievable! The animals were so active. Some of the pictures taken today could seriously be in National Geographic. Glenda was an unbelievable photographer. At the tiger enclosure we were 6 inches from this tiger that walked by and "marked its territory". The elephants were mud wrestling. But I think I was most surprised to see how interested my kids were to see the reptiles. I have to admit I was pretty excited also. We all thought abou Caleb a ton today. We saw the most venomous snake in Australia, the fierce snake, it has enough venom to kill 200, 000 mice in one bite! We were inches from a diamondback rattler and some huge boas. As we were leaving it started to rain, so we headed to the next adventure for the day... the Sydney Opera House. We had a guided tour through the 102 million dollar structure. It is quite a site. I think our guide was less than excited that there were two small children on the tour, but the kids were great; they had a blast today. Sam was making all the noises of the animals and Emma was so excited and so interested in learning about the animals. By the time we made it back we were all spent.

Highlights from today:
• getting a cab in Sydney is hard to do.
• diapers in Australia are nappies.
• child-like wonder is so cool. adults really need some of this.
• I am blessed with the absolute best family.
• pizza and a movie sure is fun in a hotel.
• my wife is a great photographer.
• a flat white is a latte with no foam.
• you say "I like your house drip" when ordering a cup of regular coffee in Australia.


pushCHICK said...

Still jealous!!! Caleb will LOVE the snake shot!!!

jet said...

very interesting Australian facts! the zoo sounded like lots of fun. --awesome for the kids! & i like how you have caught on so quick & spelled harboUr. :)
miss you guys. have fun!

Amy said...

What an amazing trip that must be for you all. I'm so glad you are able to experience that as a FAMILY. Have fun! And thanks for keeping us posted!

Melissa Marina said...

such an amazing time you are having. love staying caught up with you through your blog. Australia sounds amazing....