12 June 2007

Firsts and Fears

Hello from Sydney! It's 7pm here and 4am in Chicago... crazy!

Glenda took this picture out the window of the airplane, probably about the time we were crossing the international date line.

Here are a couple of fun firsts over the last couple of days:

• Crossed the international date line and skipped a day.
• Took an international trip with the family
• First time in Australia
• Pet a koala bear
• Fed some kangaroos
• Spanked a cow
• Saw a Tasmanian devil

I love flying. We had three times that during our 14 hour flight we hit some major turbulence. This is always so much fun because you can tell the people that afraid of flying. Another great thing about flying is the uninterrupted time... kinda. I've gotten to read a lot and mostly its been the Lion Chaser stuff. I love what Batterson has to say about fear. The goal of life is not to eliminate fear. The goal of life is to muster the moral courage to chase lions. Satan tries to neutralize us spiritually through discouragement and fear. So, if you are discouraging others or living in fear or putting fear into others... well re-read the last sentence.

What fear is most overwhelming? I've got a few things that are overwhelming, but I am mustering the courage to chase the lion and I am confident that the stage is set for an epic miracle... that will be another first.

By the way Sydney is awesome... so many things I'd love to get, most of all the cool accent. Maybe I will just try to bring home some authentic aussie phrases.


ro.duh. said...

glad u guys landed safely! im praying God keeps you safe!

spanked a cow? sweet. they must not go cow tipping in austrailia

does batterson's book say anything yet about feeling lost, or even frustrated. those are the 2 feelings i'm going through right now.

Earl Thornton said...

Great post. I sure wish I could be there to enjoy it with you.
Glenda has a great blog too.
Hey, check out the bathtub drain story... that "down under" the whirlpool goes in the opposite direction from the Northern Hemisphere. :)