13 June 2007

Bridge climbing

What a great day! We got to climb the Sydney harbour bridge (no that's not a typo, they really spell harbor with a "u" here. Over the course of 3 hours we walked 1.8km, 1439 steps and burned about 600 calories. We overlooked the Sydney harbour from 150km at the highest point. It was a spectacular view. From the top we could see the Pacific Ocean, all of the Sydney harbour, the Sydney opera house, everything.

Other than that I've been honing in on the local cafe's. I've already found 3 Starbucks and stopped by one local cafe... even a Krispy Kreme. I am still adjusting to the fact that it is 6:15PM here and 3:15AM in Chicago.

A couple of fun tid bits:
• a jacket is a jumper (jumpa)
• rugby is really fun. Sam loves it.
• Australian TV... well let's just say, what TV. But why watch TV in Australia anyway?
• It's kinda cool when you buy something and they call you mate.
• Shrimp are called prawns and they leave the head, tails and shell on. To eat them you have to twist the head off, pull the tail off, and take the shell off... not really worth it.


Earl Thornton said...

Thanks for keeping us posted on your exceptional trip.

pushCHICK said...

i wish i were there!!!!!

ro.duh. said...

they use the letter "u" a lot. so do europeans. such as "saviour" "labour" "flavour" "colour" "favourite"

hillsong's sheet music always says "saviour" when they sing about jesus.

jet said...

oh sweeeeet! i saw on some travel show on tv people climbing the sydney harbour bridge. i wanted to do that! soo cool!!!