07 June 2007

My Boy

Happy birthday to my son! Sam is such a blast. He's either busy getting into stuff or asleep. He's been really getting into playing in the dirt lately. I am proud of my boy! He seems to be growing up so fast. A couple of my favorite things: he repeats everything (we were listening to a message on the radio and he was repeating everything the minister said), he is lovable (he always tells you he loves you), he is a boy in the truest sense. I am blessed with two wonderful children and at such young ages already understand loving God and family. Sam had a great birthday, Glenda made the coolest Thomas the Train cake, and he got some really cool stuff. I love my bud... Happy birthday Sam!


Earl Thornton said...

It was a great day, a great party, a great cake. And you are a great dad.
I'm proud of my son and my grandson!

jet said...

Sam sure is a super cute boy. so much fun. "so funny" :D
Cute cake Glenda! good job!