06 June 2007

A day in Chicago

We had quite the day in Chicago. My family and I took off early this morning to take care of some passport business. After 3 trips to the city, close to 6 hours of standing in lines, 14 minutes waiting for our number to be called, 2 final hours waiting for the passports, and $44 for parking.

Seeing that we were in Chicago, we couldn't pass up the opportunity to spend some time enjoying downtown. The kids loved it. We made a special stop here and had a wonder family dinner, celebrating God's goodness. I am blessed with a wonderful family. The kids were troopers today. I am blessed with such a wonder wife. Looking at the pictures from today is such a reminder of what a wonderful family I have. Through all the toughness of the day, it was a great day.

*credit to my sister for the picture.

1 comment:

jet said...

hey I want credit for MY picture from the Sears tower! ;)
Glad it was a successful trip for you guys. ....love ya!