31 October 2006

Trick or Treat

Today it was just the opposite. Sam and Emma's good friend, Caleb, came over and we all went out trick or treating. The all love it, everyone was having so much fun. It was so cute to see Sam running up to the doors. Emma and Caleb were racing to each house. We had the Lion, the Princess, and Jack Sparrow scoring big time on candy. Sam made the connection that people were putting "dandy" in his "punkie" (candy in his pumpkin candy carrier). As we were walking home Sam was digging in his candy and it was getting dark. We knew it was time to get done with the neighborhood stuff. We had a few stops to make before the night was over. As we walked up to the house; I see that Sam has unwrapped a small chocolate bar and is excited to be enjoying his "dandy". We stopped by grandma's house and some other friends' homes all the while Sam is enjoying a candy here and there.

This is where the treat ends and the trick comes in. No one had eaten dinner, so we stop and an enjoyable food establishment. Everyone was enjoying themselves. Sam was obviously hungry. As we were finishing up; Sam was eating one of J's small pieces of broccoli. He coughed a bit and got the piece of broccoli adjusted. He coughs again and up comes everything from the last 2 hours... EVERYTHING! All over the floor. We felt so bad for the people that work at this place. Sam blew some major chunks, it was chocolate in color, serious technicolor yawn.

Good times. Trick or Treat.

29 October 2006

I just had the chance to carry my daughter back up to bed and tell her I love her and kiss her goodnight. I am so thankful for the little blessings like kissing my daughter goodnight. In the moment as I tucked my daughter in, it made me think of the verse I talked with our students about this morning... Psalms 139:14, "for I am fearfully and wonderfully made..."

I am so thankful for times like these that put everything into perspective. After quite an interesting night. Things can get to be so complicated and difficult at times. At times it doesn't seem even worth it, but there's a moment that brings everything into perspective.

Fearfull and wonderfully made. How cool is that?

26 October 2006

Open W I D E

A pumpkin big mac? Somehow I think someone would still try to eat it.

A 3-year-old climbed into a stuffed animal vending machine to get a SpongeBob cartoon character. He wound up inside the game having a blast in there, hugging all the stuffed animals.

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Its interesting how driven people are to get the things that we want, no matter the cost is. Its funny when it is a child; its annoying and selfish when you are an adult.

20 October 2006

Last Practice

Today was the last day of practice for football. As I look back on this year, it has been so great. I am really proud of our team. They started with nobody expecting anything and they came out and proved that they were there to play. They have won more and done more that anyone thought they would. Over the season it has been cool to see the attitude of the team change. They have really grown. Most of all, I have loved it. The last couple of months have been so rewarding. I have gotten to hang with some great guys.

18 October 2006

Field Trip

Remember the good ol' days of field trips. Today I went on a field trip with my daughter to the pumpkin patch. She was so excited because not only did I get to come, but I was also the bus driver. We went on a hay ride, walked through a petting zoo, she plugged her nose at the smelly animals and came home with a kid-sized pumpkin. When the kids were getting off of the bus my daughter walked by and then turned back and gave me a kiss and said "I love you daddy". It really doesn't get much better than this.

17 October 2006


I love a good, thick, spicy, hearty, warm-you-up-during-fall bowl of chili. But too much of a good thing might not be so good. Sunday afternoon there was a slight chill in the air and I was looking forward to a bowl of chili that I knew was waiting for me at home. Sunday afternoon a few friends came over and after a disappointing Raiders game we decided we would head out to eat. J decided that he would have chili and for some reason the chili sounded great. So, round two/bowl two... chili vs. belly. Monday morning I awoke to the chili greeting me and I vowed that I would never eat chili again. Until Monday evening, out with some youth pastors, watching the Bears game. What would really do the trick? A great bowl of chili and I was assured it was some of the best. So, after my third bowl of chili in two days; I would say I have had my fill of a good thing.

Until, maybe tomorrow...

I just returned home from a meeting with a few youth pastors. I drove 7 hours for about 5 hours of meetings. Why? I was asking the same thing myself. About 4 of the 7 hours was driving in the rain. As I drove back at night, in the rain it became very obvious to me that I was in for a bit of an interesting drive. The rain was really coming down. When passing semi trucks visibility was virtually nothing except for a faint hint of the white stripe on the side of the road. There was never a time where I could loose my focus. It was crucial that I stayed totally focused on the road. As I drove a verse came to mind...

Philippians 3:15-16, So let's keep focused on that goal, those of us who want everything God has for us. If any of you have something else in mind, something less than total commitment, God will clear your blurred vision? You'll see it yet! Now that we're on the right track, let's stay on it.

I dont doubt God's call... Now it's focus.

13 October 2006


you know you have them... you just never thought they were this fun...
Something we made at Stadium and now it made it way to YouTube...

09 October 2006

Google to acquire YouTube

Can these companies leave well enough alone? 1.65 billion in a stock transaction... here is a clip from the story...

Google announced this afternoon that it would buy YouTube, the popular video-sharing Web site, for stock that it valued at $1.65 billion.

Google beat out a number of other YouTube suitors, including Microsoft, Viacom, Yahoo and the News Corporation. By successfully negotiating the deal, Google has once again proved that it is the Internet’s dominant player.

Under the terms of the deal, YouTube will retain much of its identity and will keep its name and its office in San Bruno, Calif., more than 25 miles from Google’s headquarters in Mountain View.

Chad Hurley, YouTube’s co-founder and chief executive, has repeatedly said he would prefer for his company to remain independent. Asked about such comments in a conference call with Wall Street analysts and investors held late this afternoon, Mr. Hurley said his company did want to stay independent, adding that “by working with Google, that’s still the case.”

Even if Mr. Hurley wanted to keep his company independent, why would he for 1.65 BILLION! It just shows that everything is for sale. Just about anyone is willing to compromise their standards vor a price.

Read the NY Times Story

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07 October 2006

Glue Boys. Amazing trailer. Everyone should see this movie! I was given the opportunity to see about 5 minutes of this movie when we were out in CA two weeks ago. There is no doubt this movie will mess you up! It is heartbreaking. This is a great example of how big the world really is and how narrow our U.S. worldview really is. We have got to do more to reach the world!

Support Glue Boys
Coffee and WiFi

So, I though I would do a random post on two of my favorite things right now... a strong cup of coffee and free WiFi. These two things should be available everywhere, but sadly they are not.