28 September 2007

Take me out to the ball game

Thursday night we had the opportunity to go see the White Sox crush the Royals 10-0. Attendance was very low. On a side note... I love how during the game they play highlights from the 2005 season, as to say, "hey remember when we were good?" Either way we had a blast! My kids LOVED the baseball experience! Especially the end of the game... my daughter and son went down by the dugout, mostly to get an up close look at the field. As they were there, one of the field attendants noticed them and tossed them each a baseball. They talked about it the whole way home. My son has not let it out of his sight, he is sleeping with it. On the way home my daughter asked, "why don't the bears give out footballs?"

Mountain bike speed

Bike Hits 130.7 mph. On Snow! Wired news has a story about a 33 year old that smashed the World Speed Record for series mountain bikes. Austrian Markus Stoeckl broke the 8 year old record on a 2000 meter, 45 degree run in the Chilean Alps. Because of the extreme cold, he had to hold his breath for the 40 second duration so his helmet didn't fog up.

Now that would be a rush!

27 September 2007

Holding Patterns

We flew back in from an amazing week away. I was at a wedding of a college friend. The wedding was in Hood River, OR... an absolutely beautiful place. So, we were about an hour out and the pilot announced that we were going to enter a holding pattern. I could sense a collective sense of "get me off this plane". About 20 minutes later the pilot announced that we'd be starting our descent. Ten minutes passed and the pilot announced that we'd be entering another holding pattern. People on the plane at this time were getting restless. An hour after we were supposed to land, we finally touched down. I do NOT like holding patterns.

This is a picture from the lunch that the groom had for the guys. We were at a golf course in Hood River overlooking Mt. Hood. The wedding had the most unbelievable food, the most beautiful scenery, and great friends. At this lunch we had fruit that tasted more like candy. At the wedding reception I had the best steak I have ever had in my life!

18 September 2007

Use your head

Fox news reported a Georgia man died after an armless man headbutts him during fight.
Police are investigating the death of a man who collapsed after being headbutted by an armless man in a fight over a woman. Witnesses told authorities that Redfren, who has no arms, kicked Teer, and Teer struck Redfren. Teer complained of feeling dizzy, collapsed, and died.

17 September 2007

Great Days

The last couple of days have been great. The gym we go to was closed for two days for some "updating" (even though I can't tell any difference). So, I had to find some alternative forms of getting my exercise in... day one: an 8.5-mile run, it was great, I had the chance to bring my son in our jogging stroller; day two: a 16-mile ride, again I was able to bring my son in our burley trailer. It doesn't get much better than having your own cheering section as you run or ride... when all you hear is "go faster daddy" you can't go slow. My favorite parts were at any feel of speed or descent (which isn't much of either) I would hear a little voice saying, "Whee!" It's hard to feel like exercise with a childlike element of fun. The other best moment was somewhere close to mile 12 of our ride I hear singing and realize that it is my son belting it out from the burley. We also had the chance to hang out with some new friends this weekend... all in all a good couple of days.

15 September 2007

Leave Nothing

I love this commercial. This presents a great question to the church... Are we giving our all, leaving nothing, serving wholeheartedly? It would be sad if a Nike commercial represented this better than the life of a Christ-follower.

Work with enthusiasm, as though you were working for the Lord rather than for people.
Ephesians 6:7

One of a kind

Trek put together a one-off Madone for Levi in honor of his recent win at the US Pro National Championships. This is an amazing bike!

14 September 2007

Geico hillbilies

This one is for Glenda...

Geico Flintstones Commercial

It's funny how just about anything seems believable...


Weakness of attitude
becomes weakness of character.

-Albert Einstein

11 September 2007

Starbucks and Kids

Starbucks, in a recent article admits to rethinking their marketing. As of now, they say that they haven't marked intentionally towards teens and kids, but that segment of their customer base is growing. I have to admit, my kids know and like going to Starbucks, they even have a favorite drink.

08 September 2007

Miles and Miles

It has been busy lately. We've been putting on many miles... In the last few weeks I've driven through Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, and Wisconsin.