27 September 2007

Holding Patterns

We flew back in from an amazing week away. I was at a wedding of a college friend. The wedding was in Hood River, OR... an absolutely beautiful place. So, we were about an hour out and the pilot announced that we were going to enter a holding pattern. I could sense a collective sense of "get me off this plane". About 20 minutes later the pilot announced that we'd be starting our descent. Ten minutes passed and the pilot announced that we'd be entering another holding pattern. People on the plane at this time were getting restless. An hour after we were supposed to land, we finally touched down. I do NOT like holding patterns.

This is a picture from the lunch that the groom had for the guys. We were at a golf course in Hood River overlooking Mt. Hood. The wedding had the most unbelievable food, the most beautiful scenery, and great friends. At this lunch we had fruit that tasted more like candy. At the wedding reception I had the best steak I have ever had in my life!

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