17 September 2007

Great Days

The last couple of days have been great. The gym we go to was closed for two days for some "updating" (even though I can't tell any difference). So, I had to find some alternative forms of getting my exercise in... day one: an 8.5-mile run, it was great, I had the chance to bring my son in our jogging stroller; day two: a 16-mile ride, again I was able to bring my son in our burley trailer. It doesn't get much better than having your own cheering section as you run or ride... when all you hear is "go faster daddy" you can't go slow. My favorite parts were at any feel of speed or descent (which isn't much of either) I would hear a little voice saying, "Whee!" It's hard to feel like exercise with a childlike element of fun. The other best moment was somewhere close to mile 12 of our ride I hear singing and realize that it is my son belting it out from the burley. We also had the chance to hang out with some new friends this weekend... all in all a good couple of days.

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