28 September 2007

Take me out to the ball game

Thursday night we had the opportunity to go see the White Sox crush the Royals 10-0. Attendance was very low. On a side note... I love how during the game they play highlights from the 2005 season, as to say, "hey remember when we were good?" Either way we had a blast! My kids LOVED the baseball experience! Especially the end of the game... my daughter and son went down by the dugout, mostly to get an up close look at the field. As they were there, one of the field attendants noticed them and tossed them each a baseball. They talked about it the whole way home. My son has not let it out of his sight, he is sleeping with it. On the way home my daughter asked, "why don't the bears give out footballs?"


Glenda said...

That was a good time. I'm glad we decided to go!

Dana said...

That's a really good picture!