31 October 2006

Trick or Treat

Today it was just the opposite. Sam and Emma's good friend, Caleb, came over and we all went out trick or treating. The all love it, everyone was having so much fun. It was so cute to see Sam running up to the doors. Emma and Caleb were racing to each house. We had the Lion, the Princess, and Jack Sparrow scoring big time on candy. Sam made the connection that people were putting "dandy" in his "punkie" (candy in his pumpkin candy carrier). As we were walking home Sam was digging in his candy and it was getting dark. We knew it was time to get done with the neighborhood stuff. We had a few stops to make before the night was over. As we walked up to the house; I see that Sam has unwrapped a small chocolate bar and is excited to be enjoying his "dandy". We stopped by grandma's house and some other friends' homes all the while Sam is enjoying a candy here and there.

This is where the treat ends and the trick comes in. No one had eaten dinner, so we stop and an enjoyable food establishment. Everyone was enjoying themselves. Sam was obviously hungry. As we were finishing up; Sam was eating one of J's small pieces of broccoli. He coughed a bit and got the piece of broccoli adjusted. He coughs again and up comes everything from the last 2 hours... EVERYTHING! All over the floor. We felt so bad for the people that work at this place. Sam blew some major chunks, it was chocolate in color, serious technicolor yawn.

Good times. Trick or Treat.

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Glenda said...

Your blog made me smile. We have great kids! Good times...