17 October 2006


I love a good, thick, spicy, hearty, warm-you-up-during-fall bowl of chili. But too much of a good thing might not be so good. Sunday afternoon there was a slight chill in the air and I was looking forward to a bowl of chili that I knew was waiting for me at home. Sunday afternoon a few friends came over and after a disappointing Raiders game we decided we would head out to eat. J decided that he would have chili and for some reason the chili sounded great. So, round two/bowl two... chili vs. belly. Monday morning I awoke to the chili greeting me and I vowed that I would never eat chili again. Until Monday evening, out with some youth pastors, watching the Bears game. What would really do the trick? A great bowl of chili and I was assured it was some of the best. So, after my third bowl of chili in two days; I would say I have had my fill of a good thing.

Until, maybe tomorrow...

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