01 March 2007

Table Talk

Most dinner conversations are boring. At most restaurants there is enough "white noise" to drown out conversations. That was not the case tonight. I stopped at Panera for a bowl of soup and a cup of coffee (great deal). I chose a seat next to a power outlet... my phone doesn't hold a charge anymore, another post for another time.

I sit down and plug in to charge up and about threw up. The group next to me was talking about a live turkey farm and how they kill the turkey. Their conversation was so loud. Before I knew it I realized they were fully engaged in the "gossip chain".

I can't believe how people can talk so much about other people's business. Maybe it's just me, but I can't do that, I like people, but I don't want to talk about them all the time. I am a student of social environments and behaviors. It is very interesting how people act and what they do in certain situations. Gossip is an unbelievable environment. I feel like the croc hunter in the wild seeing a rare species in its native habitat. I have never gotten to see gossip up close like this.

Usually people gossiping are trying to avoid me, especially because I have been the topic lately. Gossip is a very sad conversation. Nothing about the discussion was even remotely positive or uplifting. They didn't even know the people they were talking about, but were making some very critical assumptions about them. I couldn't believe how ugly the conversation was.

I wonder if they regret things they say after they walk away from the conversation? It's no wonder the bible talks so specifically about avoiding the chains of gossip.

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