22 March 2007

Final day of classes

What a great day. 1 early morning + 2 classes of teaching on small groups + 2 classes of teaching on staff relationships + 1 chapel service with the lady from Jesus Camp + 1 authentic lunch at La Hacienda with Moses + 1 meeting with Dr. Anderson = 1 great big day.

A couple of pictures from the staff relationships class. One of the coolest things this week was getting the opportunity to reconnect with so many NCU students that I have known. I got to see a few kids from our first ministry in WI. There was a student that I knew from the church we were at in ND. Then there was another student that I knew from IL youth conventions. The best part about it was seeing how many students are preparing for ministry.

Here are some of the notes from today:

Small groups... are all about relationships.

Small groups are all about growth... deeper relationships, closer to God, larger small groups.

A key to small groups is… To go one step deeper than a surface level relationship.

Some qualities of a relationship that will make the relationships last… authenticity • openness • honesty • love • compassion • caring…

Small groups aren’t just a program; they should teach how to interact in healthy, God-honoring, respectful relationships.
Small groups should be a safe place.

Proverbs 27:17 as iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another
If we can sharpen someone, then can the opposite be true also?

Small groups done right have the potential to build healthy relationships.
Small groups done wrong have the potential to severely damage relationships.

Staff Relationships
• Your relationship with all of the staff is going to be different.
• Make the first step to initiate relationship; don’t wait for someone else to reach out to you.
• Interview the members of a potential staff.
•Define the expectations of the different staff relationships.
What do you expect from them and what do they expect from you?

Define how a staff operates in the areas of:
- Accountability
- Loyalty
- Trust

Tips for being your best in a staff position…
- Honor God in everything you do.
- Respond never react.
- Deal with others with integrity.
- Choose to find a common ground in the missional cause of Christ.
- Choose to find the value in each team member.
- You are a part of the team.
- Set relational goals.

• A church and staff will fight over the dumbest things.
• Force yourself to have fun together. It will never be convenient.
• Do things with the staff outside of ministry elements.

It is such an honor to be able to speak into the lives of future ministers. Never underestimate the person you are speaking with, they will be doing great things someday.


The Letter J said...

• Force yourself to have fun together. It will never be convenient.

so true. if you dont take time, you will never have time. nice piece, sir.

The Letter J said...

nice bullets, too.