09 March 2007


A recent discovery shows people that are coming to a place where they see them self as the self-appointed church "monitor". There is an assumed personal endorsement or maybe entitlement to be critical of church life that they either don't like or don't understand. Has church really become more about what people want and becoming less about what God wants? I hope not...

A pastor in North Carolina recently did a great job dealing with a difficult situation.
The other day, a lady said something to my wife that made me sick to my stomach upon hearing about it...

Then the woman made one of the most absurd comments I’ve ever heard from a churchgoer, even here in the Bible belt. That’s saying a lot.

“I wanted to let you know that there’s one praise song, I can’t remember the name of it, that ya’ll do better than all of the dozens of churches we’ve been to in our church shopping quest.

Trust me; you'll want to read the rest of the story. Go get 'em Steven!

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