20 March 2007

First day of classes

Today was my first time being back in classes at NCU since I graduated (almost 10 years). I am so amazed at how nice the rooms are. I was just observing today, but we did an impromptu forum in the ministry of the youth pastor class. We discussed teams: developing a team, recruiting a team, the health of your team, all stuff about youth ministry teams.

Some highlighted discussion:

Q: How do you motivate your team? Won't they be discouraged if they don't get paid and the youth pastor does? A: No amount of money will make you feel encouraged about doing ministry... and if you are doing it to get paid you are in the wrong profession.

Q: How do you recruit a team? A: Any and every way you can. People want to give back, but they need to be invited to join a healthy team.

The best method of recruiting is a healthy leadership team. Positive leaders will bring in more leaders better than any "method" of leadership recruiting.

It takes a team to grow a ministry. Pastors have an unhealthy need to be needed. If we truly want to grow we must invest into a ministry team. God won't bless a ministry with more people to care for until the people presently there are being ministered to.

Team ministry is the most fun.

Team ministry has the greatest rewards.

Team ministry doesn't focus on one age group. A tendency of youth ministry is to focus on just the young, hip, cool people that have the appearance that they will be good at ministry. The best team is made up of all ages, races, and ministry giftings.

There is no doubt that teams are the future of church ministry.

Q: How do you get your volunteers to get "it" (your heart for ministry). A: DNA. You have to transmit your ministry DNA to your leaders. Does their ministry focus match yours? Why not? A pastor must have leaders that know the heart for the ministry. Which relates to a healthy ownership from the volunteers.

That is all I can remember. I know I am missing a few good points, but I will post them later.

On a side note, yes, I think the bullets look like flowers (thanks J). If anyone knows how to change that let me know. Flowers don't belong here. I give flowers to my wife; I don't post them on my blog.


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I liked your points.
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