24 September 2008

Run in the Dark

This past Saturday I ran in a 5K. It was so much fun. The Community Storehouse sponsored the Run in the Dark 5K. Sam and Emma were so funny, they loved it that I was running in a race. Sam was sure that I was going to win. The Community Storehouse is a worth while group to support and was a great excuse to jump into doing some running. About a year ago I was working out consistently with the goal of doing a triathlon. I am determined that I will get to compete in one.

The best moment was coming to the finish line kicking it in and seeing my family cheering. Emma reached out her hand and chased me across the finish line in her flip flops. She is looking forward to running a race soon.

1 comment:

Earl Thornton said...

I can imagine Emma running along with you. What a great daughter.