29 September 2008

Hey! Look over here...

Made ya look.  

For some reason this is a fun game for my kids.  "Hey dad, look an elephant!  Ha!  Made ya look."  This game could go on for hours.  As I drove to work today I turned off a few distractions.  I feel like there have been quite a few things distracting my attention lately.  Disclaimer: sure, there are times that some distractions are good.  If you've been focused in on a project; it's good to take a break and distract your attention for a bit.  Ok... that's over.  For the most part distractions are not beneficial to the end game.  I remember my first accident; being distracted at 16 by my radio led to me crunching the front end of my Z.  Those events are fixable, but being distracted from something eternal...  

The events this morning got me processing what are the distractions that I don't see right now.  Some leadership circles might term it "sideways energy".  I wouldn't even give it that much credit.  What distractions do I know of that I can change?  I think that one of the worst distractions as a follower of Christ is to get distracted off of purpose.  We don't have to be led into some big, huge, destructive, divisive sin, just distracted from our purpose and meaning far enough to cause a crash with eternal ripples.

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Earl Thornton said...

Very good post.
Wow. There is so much that comes along and distracts.
One of the keys is that some people create their own distractions!