13 September 2008

Hurricane Day

This week has been spent watching and waiting to see what Hurricane Ike would bring to the Texas coast. My family has been through just about every type of weather, but we've never see a hurricane. We have also never seen what it's like to prepare for a hurricane that is hitting 275 miles away. The news has said that we could see tropical storm force winds, rain, and the potential of tornadoes that spin off. Many people in the Dallas area have friends and family in the Houston/Galveston area.

I am amazed that even yesterday the weather was absolutely beautiful and people were out and about like normal. Since we didn't know what to expect, we figured we had better heed the warnings. Glenda picked up a couple movies and found a great deal on Lego Indiana Jones (I guess we are counting on having power). When they got home last night the kids got really excited for "hurricane day". The news reports slowly downgraded the wind strength and amount of rain the Dallas area was going to experience, but we went ahead with the "hurricane day" plans. We've had quite a day having pancakes for breakfast, playing Lego Indiana Jones, and watching Fox news' reports of Hurricane Ike's path. Glenda did awesome planning a fun family day.

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