22 September 2008

Mustache week '08

Thanks to Josh for tipping me off to Mustache week '08. Here is invite post...


Across the ages, one thing has stood out as a beacon of masculinity. A symbol of manhood. A declaration of the Y chromosome. That eternal symbol of the male is the mustache.

As a tribute to its glory (and as a sign of unity) we, the men of the world, will be sporting the most glorious of all facial hairstyles in the coming week.

Consider this your official invitation to Mustache Week ‘08.

Mustache Week ‘08 will be taking place from Sunday morning, September 21st through Friday night, September 26th. The only thing you need to participate is an actual mustache. (No going to Costume Castle and purchasing one!)

At some point during the week, a group picture will be taken to commemorate the event for future generations.

This will, no doubt, be the greatest week of our lives.

I started growing mine yesterday, we'll see how it turns out at the first shave of the week. This is going to be fun...

Are you in?


ro.duh. said...

count me in.

Ange said...

If I were able to grow facial hair I would totally participate. Since I can't, I'm growing a mustache vicariously through my brother.

Glenda said...

i'm so NOT in...kinda hoping you're NOT in either!