12 September 2008

Apache, bumper boats and go-karts

It was quite an eventful day...to say the least.

The last two Fridays we've been trying to do more of the "Friday-day-off-routine-traditions-stuff". We hit up a new coffee shop and enjoying it. Today we started with an early Sonic lunch with my daughter at her school. Sonic is literally on every corner! I feel sorry for those that don't have a Sonic on every corner... ok I don't. After lunch we headed off to the rest of the Friday traditions. Today we added dinner to the event plans.

A family favorite is having dinner on the patio at Central Market. On arriving, there was a shock... someone parked an Apache helicopter in the parking lot! Sam was pumped! The kids were so excited to see this sweet machine up close... ok, so was I. After a quick photo shoot, we grabbed dinner, then off to U-Pick.

U-Pick was our North TX multisite event. I had a blast hangin with some awesome students and leaders at Mountasia... unlimited go-kart + unlimited bumper boats + unlimited mini-golf = unlimited fun!

Makes for a good night. Whew... what a day. Now off to prepare of the aftermath of Ike.

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