12 May 2007

Hiking words of wisdom

I had a great surprise phone conversation last night. A friend of mine is working one of the coolest seasonal jobs ever. He's a great guy with an adventurous summer ahead of him.

He was telling me about some job prep; some training he was doing. He told me about the team's first hike. He said that the team was really movin' and it was getting tough to keep up. And then came the hiking words of wisdom...

When you are hiking, you are supposed to focus on the heels of the guy in front of you.

Wow! What spiritual truth in this. As we follow God, how often do we try to look out in front of where God is leading. You see, if we focus on the 10,000 feet of winding trail ascent, your already worn out body and already exhausted spirit can desire to give up. In the same way trying to see what is ahead of where God is leading is really more than we can handle. If we are to keep up with the pace God has set and follow the path that God is leading, we've got to focus on his heels.

This leads to a lot of good questions...
• What are we focused on?
• What or who are we following?
• Are we trying to look ahead and plan our path or let God set the pace and trust the path He is taking us?

I am looking forward to this "hike"! It's gonna be a good one. I am sure it's gonna challenge me, but I wouldn't trade it for anything.

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