13 May 2007

Happy Mother's Day

This is a great day. Glenda is a wonderful mom. She is everything a mom needs to be and more; she's caring, attentive, generous, loving, selfless, nurturing, gentle, wise, and so much more. There is no doubt that she is instilling Godly values in our kids. I love how she interacts and teaches our kids to honor God. She is an awesome mom. Today is all about celebrating her. For all she's sacrificed and all she selflessly does everyday, 24/7. Thank you for being the best. You are the best mom, you are a wonderful friend, and you are an amazing wife. Love you babe.

It is also a special day because we get to celebrate the day with my mom. I am blessed to have a great mom. She has always been there for us. I have great memories with my mom. She would come and get me out of school once a week to take me out for a special lunch. She made lunches for school everyday and would put a special note in my lunch just saying, "I love you". I love the memory of seeing her every morning praying and reading her bible. She's done so much to make sure that we grow up with Godly values. Thanks mom! I love you.

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Glenda said...

Thank you for such kind and encouraging words...You certainly made me feel special and loved today!