25 April 2007

what if?

Ever have an idea that is so big you just don't know how it's gonna happen? Dave Ferguson was talkin about rapid reproduction, great stuff!

How to know that your church is reproducing rapidly:
• When your church seeks the lost more than the found.
• When you love the edge more than the center.
• When you start to prefer the going more than the staying.

Big dreams change things…
• Big dreams change the questions you ask.
• The bigger the dream the more profound the questions you have to ask.
• Big dreams change our prayer life.
• Big dreams change others that are around you.
• Big dreams draw people to you.
• Big dreams change the way you see the world.

Some BIG questions Dave asked:
• How do we create movement that moves at the speed of God's spirit?
• What is it going to take to see rapid reproduction in my church?
• How can can churches be structured to help make rapid reproduction happen?
• What BIG calling is God doing in your life that you haven't had the guts to share with anyone?

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