25 April 2007

the gospel or relevant?

Ed Stetzer just seriously threw down. My fingers are smoking from typing so fast. Here is a quick list of some of the things that he talked about. I am going to try to make up for lost time. I still need to post some of the great stuff from yesterday.

Ed asked the posed the question/challenge that in some church circles we have compromised the gospel for the sake of being relevant to the culture. Here is a list of being able to see if there has been a compromise. He asked, "How do we express a loss of confidence in the gospel?"

So, what happens when relevance is the goal not the tool:
• When we focus on personal transformation, not gospel transformation.
• When sermons are so practical they lack the gospel.
• When we talk more about practical more than we talk about biblical.
• When your outreach demeans others that preach the gospel.
• When your approach makes you the hero not Jesus.
• When personal evangelism is an oxymoron at your church.
• When “invest and invite” never leads to evangelism.
• When attendance is the biggest voice in the church
• When the cross gets less focus than the church

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Glenda said...

good stuff. can't wait to see what comes of all this...