10 April 2007

Volkswagen billboard ad

I love the chance to drive the freeways of Chicago. 294 is a real fun one. There are a lot of things that add to the entertainment... other drivers, fun license plates, and billboard ads. Volkswagen just launched a new ad.

Misery has enough company...
Dare to be happy.

It is amazing where you can find truth. As Christian this should be so much more applicable. If someone has found hope in Christ, then there should be happiness beyond measure. I am amazed at the amount of down-in-the-mouth, "the sky is falling" Christians that are out there today. It makes me wonder: have they not found hope in the grace of knowing Jesus, are they choosing misery? Why not choose joy and happiness? Misery will always be available. There will always be someone wanting you to join them in misery. Joy and happiness in the freedom of knowing Christ is a daily, maybe an hourly choice we make. What are you choosing? Misery or Joy... your feelings will follow your choices. A wise man once told me that your choices with determine your feelings. What will you choose?

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