07 December 2006

Ode to the 'bou

Lately Caribou Coffee has gotten some less than positive remarks concerning their WiFi service from someone that will remain nameless.

It is true, it is annoying having to log back in every hour. The part that is getting negative reaction is that you have to ask for an access card. Evidently they are difficult to come by. I guess that store employees hoard them or something?

I just sat back down from receiving not one but two cards just from asking. Aren't I lucky? Now if they would only make it so that you don't have to use the cards. I suppose it could be worse, I could be at Starbucks and not be able to connect at all the the pricey service of T-mobile.

By the way someone needs to show me how to post a picture so it's not backwards...


ro.duh. said...

haha. you need to vertically flip the picture before you post it. then you'll be able to read the free wifi card.

Erik Thornton said...

thanks, i tried that... for some reason even if i flipped the image it still loaded it in the pre-flipped format.