13 December 2006

Quote of the day... and my thoughts

"Whatever you are, be a good one." -Abraham Lincoln

I read this quote in a book I am going through. As I thought more about it some people that fit the quote came to mind.

• My wife - she is just simply great... she is a good: friend, mom, thinker, brainstormer, sudoko-er, apple cider maker, I could go on and on and on...
• My kids are good at making me laugh. I need that right now.
• My dad is good at leadership, grace, patience, knowing what to say.
• H. Solo productions is sooo good with graphic design and fast at it. He has a great eye for design, also a very good worship leader. He has such a good connection with leading people to honor God.
• Rhoda is so good at reaching out, finding new ways to get new students connected to God. She is so good at commitment and loyalty.
• Camille is such a good administrator, which I am thankful for. I am not great at administration, so it is a blessing to have her on the team.

A sign of a leader is to know your weaknesses and place people around you with strengths in the areas you are weak in. I am thankful for people that are good at the things I am not. Another sign of a good leader is to let people know what they are good and the good things they do.

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Glenda said...


You should have listed things you are good at...
Leadership, teaching, commitment, loyalty, faithfulness, protecting, protecting, protecting, being a provider, motivating, reaching out to students, and most importantly being a husband and a father and on and on and on ..... :)