04 December 2006

Flurry of activity

Whew! Since the Thanksgiving weekend it has been a whirlwind. I have really wanted to post about it, so I am going to give some quick highlights.

1. Thanksgiving at my grandparents. My grandma would talk every now and then like Yoda. "Coffee, would you like some?" Going out to my uncle's property. My kids had so much fun chasing the goats. Seriously, he owns 7 goats if i remember right. I was surprised at how my kids enjoyed feeding them. My son thought it was more fun to chase them. I was very proud of my daughter she did great (not a real animal lover). My wife wrote more about the goats. It was great to be with family.

2. IHSA Football State Championships. We drove home from Des Moines, IA and arrived at 11:30am on Saturday. A couple of coaches and I left for the IL high school football state championship game at 12:30PM. An excellent championship game between Mt. Carmel and Wheaton/Warrenville South.

3. 2nd Annual Stadium Turkey Bowl. We start off bowling with a frozen turkey. This is not as easy as it may sound. One wrong move and you hit a turkey leg and... gutter ball. After bowling with a frozen turkey we head out for some flag football.

4. Snow! December 1st it snowed. This is a controversial subject since some here in the Chicagoland area aren't fond of the winters. I love them. Let it snow! To add to the fun, I get to do some snow plowing this winter.

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