02 August 2006

Baseball, sweat, and Church

A great night Monday... I visited the home of the Chicago Cubs with my dad, grandpa, and uncle. First, wow, it was HOT! As we were driving in on 55 the temperature read-out in the truck was 105. As most people know Thorntons are know for being professional sweaters. We have great skill in the ability to sweat. We had great seats to see the Cubs get totally crushed. I could care less if the Cubs win or lose, but it was even painful for me to watch the horrible pitching. I would take a Dodger Dog anyday over Cubs baseball, but that is beside the point. The final score was Arizona 15, Cubs 4! The Cubs pitching was some of the worst! It was a homerun derby for Arizona, if they werent getting hit by wild pitches. In all of this I realized: Cubs fans must be on something... it was the 9th inning and the fans were cheering like there was going to be a 2 out rally of 11 runs! I realized that everything about baseball is over-priced, tickets, food, parking, etc. 39,000+ people paid to come see the Cubs get whooped, that is crazy.

I highly doubt that any of these things will ever transition into church... people coming when it is over 100 degrees to sit outside for 3 hours and pay for a ticket to get in. The one I hope catches on in churches is the amazing loyalty that the fans displayed. The home team was down and seemingly out, but the fans never gave up on them. The Church seems all to willing to give up when we get "a run down". Too many people are all too willing and ready to throw in the towel and give up. Why is it that we have lost our will to fight? And I dont mean fight each other!?

Oh, one other thing that will maybe catch on in churches... there is a respect for players that do well and maybe even cheer each other on to do great things. Just a thought.

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