21 August 2006


I learned a new phrase today. It came to me as I was "in the office", "taking care of business". There is a little coffee shop in Wheaton called La Spiaza. What a find! If you are within driving distance, it is so worth it. I had too much water on the way up and had to visit the restroom. On the wall was a few inspirational quotes, obviously about the necessity of coffee in life. Its always nice to have something inspiring to read in the bathroom. One in particular caught my eye... P C B. Pause for Coffee Break. What a great thing, no, not coffee (yes I enjoy coffee more than most) but the pause. Life is so hectic and crazy, void of a simple thing like a pause. So, I decided to take the advice of the info on the bathroom wall, which isn't something I always recommend, but I took a pause for a coffee break. Take time to pause, reflect, enjoy; good friends, good coffee, good (insert your own "something" here, just pause. And if you are in the neighborhood, visit the bathroom at La Spiaza (114 N. Main, Wheaton) and be inspired and maybe get a cup of coffee.


Rhoda said...

yea, so i haven't been updating my blog lately. get too busy with all the work you give me to do! :) i'll probably find time to update when school starts...or maybe i should call them "excuses" to update my blog. ah, studying...how i loathe thee.

Rhoda said...

by the way, pretty cool pic you got there. getting in touch with your artistic side, i see.