14 August 2006

Daily Doubles

For the few days there has been football, football, and more football. I have been coaching on a local high school football team. It has been so great to get around football life again. It has been incredibly busy and tiring, but extremely rewarding. Mixing teenagers and football great things are bound to happen.

I had a realization during practice today... Life would be so much fun if it were done through the rules of football. If everyone were wearing full football gear (helmets, shoulder pads, etc.). What if you could just level someone? But what if the same team emphasis and spirit was evident around us? What if you could trust your team? Maybe all of these leadership books, seminars, conferences, yada, yada, yada... What if all they have done is complicate a few simple team rules? Trust. Who do you trust? Passion. Do you love what you do? Do you want to be ON the team? Character. Will you have the integrity to do it right the first time even if no one is looking? I am sure there are more, but if you have ever been on a team you know the incredible value of a team as a WHOLE, not the parts but the whole.

What if working as a team could really be this easy? I suppose that lies in the hearts of the players...

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GGbean said...

I liked what you had to say in your blog about Daily Doubles. A team is definately the sum of ALL of its parts. Your thoughts on books maybe making "team rules" too complicated is something that if we really think about, would benefit each of us. Character,integrity,trust and heart says it all. A team without these things has lost before the games have even begun.