19 August 2008

What have I done?

I am not sure what I have gotten myself into...

Football. I love the game: playing, watching, coaching. This week adds a new one, Fantasy Football. What have I done? So, here's my problem... I've never been the "stats" guy. You know that guy that somehow has the steel trap memory to remember every player's stats since 1983. That's not me. I can't talk the trades or debate the draft. And now I am playing a game where it's pretty important to track stats and trades. Either way I am looking forward to it, because if it's football then I'm sure I will like it.

Here is where you come in, I need some help! First, I need to pick a team name. Secondly, if you are a FFL'er and know what you are doing, please hook me up with some tips.

This is going to be a very interesting football season. Are you ready for some football?


Glenda said...

Team name ideas:

E.A.T. My Dust
Beginner's Luck
The Thornton Thunder

And, I found a website for you...

ro.duh. said...

thornton thunder sounds catchy!

some friends in jr. high tried to get me to do fantasy football... boy was that a mistake. i have no advice except... go, fight, win!

Inkster Family said...

I don't have a name for you....but I hope Seattle Seahawks is on your list! LOL :-)