17 August 2008

Expensive coffee

This is the most expensive coffee I have ever had. I am certainly not the coffee expert, but I have had coffee in a few different countries and even the Starbucks Pike's place original roast. This would qualify as the most expensive coffee I've tasted.

The coffee is an organic... free trade... Jamaican Blue Mountain Blend. Most of the time, I prefer more of a bold, "punch-you-in-the-mouth" feel to my coffee. This coffee was more of a lighter... fruity... organic feel, but I guess it's good to try something new.

Either way it was a great cup of coffee.


Earl Thornton said...

Nice picture. I can almost smell the coffee.

ro.duh. said...

it is a great pic..i agree with your dad! do you have more? save some...it'll still be fresh by the time we get down there! hint hint nudge nudge... !!

Erik said...

i have more for who ever gets here first... or i suppose we could just go to the store and get some more?