09 August 2008

40 days of Thor Life

Fourty days and counting... it's seems like such a LONG time since my last post. The last two months have been quite a flurry of activity. Here's a snapshot...

• My first "southern" camp. It was fun ya'll. Hot. Southern. REAL pulled pork sandwiches.
• Steve and Ro's wedding. Great ceremony. Awesome couple. Looking forward to see how God leads their future. My kids did great!
• Surviving a one-car house. Stressful. Tiring. We are all ready for a second vehicle.
• Summer ministry break. This is the first time in 15 years that my summer's haven't daily go go go. It's really nice.
• Wrona's visit. Swimming. Movies. Laughter. More Swimming. Real BBQ. Rooftop pizza. Stampedes. Fun and more fun.
• Movies. I've seen a lot of movies in the last 2 months. Lots of culture.
• Verizon FiOS. Fiber Optic to your door. More on this later but... try Digital TV and a sizzling 20/5 mbps download/upload speeds!
• Summer Olympics. Loving it!
• Student ministry starts this week. Looking forward to rockin it again. It's gonna be a great fall.

I am doubtful that this list is comprehensive, but it will do.

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Glenda said...

all i have to say is, it's about time!!!! :)

btw...i like your new profile pic...