10 June 2008

Kung Fu Panda and Star Wars

My son turned 3 this week. Thanks to action figures from a certain fast food chain he was hooked on Kung Fu Panda. He was determined to get to see it, which I didn't mind too much seeing that I wanted to see it too. Also entertaining is now that he's been introduced to kung fu Sam thinks he can do kung fu. He kicking and punching everything, everywhere he goes.

Tonight the family had a blast at Kung Fu Panda. My favorite line was in the beginning of the movie... "there's no charge for awesomeness". I need to figure out how I can work that into regular conversation.

The suprise of the night was in the previews. Star Wars previewed an animated movie. They are really marketing for the next gen of Star Wars fans. It was very interesting, they pick up the story from where they left. It amazing to think that I have gone from seeing the original Empire Strikes Back in the theater to previewing the animated Star Wars with my kids in the theater. They will be able to do a lot more with animation, but it was really different. What do you think about Star Wars going animated?


Glenda said...

Seriously great movie! I truly don't know how I feel about animated Star Wars. I guess I'm kinda old school and like the original...

Dana said...

So, we use to play Star Wars at recess. The eighties were great, weren't they? I don't think I've seen Star Wars since then, so I don't think I'm allowed to have an opinion about it. :)

Steve-o said...

i can totally see sammy being a kung fu master. I am really sad I wasn't able to call him on his birthday but reading Glenda's blog, I can totally see how crazy your guy's week has been. I'm SO excited for you guys i can't even say it well enough.

as for star wars, we shall see. if the prequels in general (and the new indy for that matter) are any kind of litmus test, i'm guessing a solid C-. I hope I am proved wrong. The clone wars cartoon was also already made (i have the dvd's...bad voice acting, awesome story and action so we shall see) so i don't know where this fits in with that existing series.

...and now you shall all refer to me as king of the nerdorks!

ro.duh. said...

blah blah blah star wars...blah blah steve.


we saw kung fu here in florida. it was good. i like when he thought that the master was dead and he was screaming "no don't die master!" then his master said, "i'm not dead you idiot! i'm just...at peace..."

i just got a happy meal with the "bad guy" toy (forgot his name!). woo!

jet said...

CUTE! I can't wait to do a little kung fu with Sam. Tell him Aunt Jilly has been taking lessons.