29 June 2008

Happy Anniversary

Twelve years ago today I was having a pre-wedding conversation with my dad. We were in a bank parking lot and I was finishing up details for the honeymoon. All I could think about was walking down the isle and saying "I do" to my beautiful bride! Twelve years ago today was a great day! Today I celebrate my beautiful bride and our 12 years of marriage. I am honored to serve her as her husband. I am blessed to have such a loving, caring, brave, courageous, compassionate, and extremely beautiful wife. We've had quite a road to walk the last couple of years and she has taken every step with amazing courage and grace. I am so incredibly proud of her!

Tonight we are going downtown on a hot date! I am so pumped to celebrate with her; to look back at all God has done, to embrace where God has placed us and dream about God's plan for our future.

Babe, I love you... happy anniversary!


Joy said...

Erik and Glenda, I am so proud of you. I have watched your relationship for 12+ years and your love and respect for each other is obvious. You certainly have a lot to celebrate today--congratulations!

Earl Thornton said...

Happy anniversary to one of the finest couples I know! Hey, I remember that little pre-wedding trip. We went to the bank because you needed to do some pre-honeymoon financial transactions.
Congratulations again.
We love you and Glenda and are proud of you guys.

jet said...

awe, yay for you guys. Happy Anniversary! I'm so glad I've got memories of that day with you both 12 years ago. I can not believe how time has flown!

Glenda said...

One of my pre-wedding memories that I was thinking about today was of major heat!!! It was so hot and humid that day!

You are an amazing man. I am blessed to call you my husband. Thank you for the great post. I love you too!

ps. Thanks for the date. It was awesome!!!

Dana said...

Hey guys! Happy Anniversary! You two are an amazing couple and Jason and I treasure both of you so much. Watching you walk through life side by side, loving and respecting each other all the way, has been a blessing to us and so many others.

Hope your date was awesome!

ro.duh. said...

you two are the best together! yay!

so...should we have a pre-wedding trip to the bank too? we haven't even thought of the banking situation!