04 April 2008


A while back I had a shirt that had RISK boldly printed across the front of the shirt. I like taking risks. Steven and Seth post some thoughts about risk and how it has an effect in our lives. They compare: boldly take risks when we have nothing to loose vs. how we aren't as bold with our risk taking when we have more to loose. When we have more to loose...

"There is now a strong temptation to mistake risk aversion for maturity.
Sometimes, under the guise of getting wiser, growing deeper, or waiting on God, we let our audacity atrophy and set the stuff that made us special on the shelf.

That must really insult God. After we’ve already seen Him part seas, kill giants, and multiply fish and loaves, we should be more inclined to push our chips to the center of the table, not less!

Otherwise, we’ll eventually find ourselves building altars in honor of where God was."


Earl Thornton said...

Great post. Love that picture.
Dad would be proud.
Great quote..."building altars in honor of where God was".
Hmmmmm.... I wonder where some of those could be found.

Sherry said...

Thanks, Eric, for the reminder about what, essentially, comes down to true, deep and mature faith. As the oldest and the one to carry the most responsibity in my family, I have a tendency to be "mature" in my decisions instead of mature in my faith. I'm going to check the direction of my altars tonight. Thanks for the faith check.
PS Great picture! :-)