29 March 2008

Pillow Fight

At the Pike Place Market today I stopped by a fresh fruit stand to get an apple and found out that a pillow fight was about to take place. This tidbit of info explained the overcrowded street.

But I wasn't quite sure when it was going to take place. I knew two things: I didn't want my family to get caught in the middle of it and I wanted to see how it would play out. After asking the person at the fruit stand for more info, I was told that there is someone that plans out random events like this.

As we were picking up our fish to leave, out from the crowd someone yelled, "pillowfight"! And the feathers flew. It caused quite a commotion.


jet said...

that is awesome! did you get pics with any feathers flying?

heather said...

I wonder if it had to do with that group 'ImprovEverywhere.' They stage stuff like that all the time. Check it out:

heather said...

Looks like I was wrong about the improv thing. But someone did post a youtube video. It looks hilarious. Can you find yourself in the video?

Erik said...

I doubt that you could see us... we were under the farmer's market sign. we were just about to walk down the stairs when the whistle blew to start the fight. there's a seattle pillow fight club that is staging this type of deal. it was cool.