04 March 2008

Obsolete skills

There are some skills that just aren't necessary any more...
here are some of my favorites...

Adjusting rabbit ears on top of a TV
Adding a nose-guard and rails to your skateboard
Be Kind - Rewind
Calculating a square root using pencil and paper
Calling collect on a payphone
Cleaning the ball inside a computer mouse for better traction
Common sense
Cranking up or down a car-window
Dewey decimal system
Loading film into a 35 mm camera
Long division
Pumping up the tongue in your inflatable shoes
Smelling a freshly mimeographed test paper
Tuning a radio
VCR Programming
Watching a slide show with a slide projector *beep*
Winding up loose cassette tape with a pencil eraser before putting the cassette in the deck

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Earl Thornton said...

Hey, a couple of those are still necessary. I cleaned the ball in Grandma's computer mouse this last summer. You should have seen the cat hair in it!!!! :)

Amy said...

Wow, I feel old! I know most of those things! Good grief.... I hope I would know the skills on the other list that have replaced those obsolete skills.

Dana said...

We just adjusted our rabbit ears tonight...what are you talking about???

Dana said...
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