01 February 2007

The blog turns 100.

100 posts and counting. The next 100 will be exciting.

Things I have learned in the past 100 posts:
  • the meaning of a blog: a web log, an online journal.
  • you get funny looks from people that dont know what a blog is when you say you have a blog. kind of like a dog hearing a high pitch sound. "you have a what?"
  • blogging is not for everyone.
  • creative blogging is an art form.
  • life is all about perspectives. blogs really magnify those perspectives.
  • people that blog daily are addicted to blogging. wait i have just blogged two days in a row... oh maybe that blog multiple times in a day... nevermind.
  • take time to remember the good things in life. dont waste your time focusing on all the negative junk in the world.
  • life's too short to waste it.
  • HTML code, enough said.
  • google analytics is really cool.
  • dont take yourself too seriously.
  • learn to laugh at yourself.
  • a picture is worth 1000 words... plus one.
  • if you have read all of these, thanks for checking out the last 100 in my small corner of the blog life.

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