22 February 2007

A new leaf...

Due to the recent abuse of the anonymous comment functions and in the spirit of only wanting lion chasers here; you now have to be a registered blogger user to make a comment. Sorry to those that have used this comment function appropriately. But after last night's scenario, it is obvious this feature is being abused by a few and putting drama here. Thanks to the faithful blog readers and supports.

1 comment:

The Letter J said...

anonymous posts are of no value. Erik, good move with removing that feature. imagine what kind of chaos the world would be in if we could all hide like cowards behind our little screens and abuse others, without the abused knowing the accuser. those who bring down others, calling it God's will, are of the Enemy.
dear anonymous: you have bitterness in your heart, and that has caused lies to pour out of your mouth. yet, Jesus Christ has died for all of your sins, and they have been forgiven. and as He has forgiven me, i will forgive you. so i challenge you to pray for guidance and instruction from the Lord. read His word. and lastly, learn that lion chasing is a godly attribute.