05 July 2006

Fireworks, Family, Friends, ...

What a great day. The family hit the pool. My daughter had an amazing time. She was jumping off of everything there was to jump off of. Somewhere the switch flipped and she was brave. She had no fear today. She was a fish today. It was a great time. We played so hard, it was great.

We then met up with some friends and grabbed Little Ceasers pizza and some Caribou coffee. It is so much fun getting together and letting our kids hang out and play. We watched an amazing fireworks show. It was intense! So in true small group fashion, we decided that we would just hang out until the line of the cars went down. We stayed so long just enjoying great friends that the entire parking lot was full by the time we ended up leaving. It was great just hanging out and chatting with great friends.

All in all a great day. I guess even the war zone that continues to explode in our neighborhood.

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