06 July 2006


I got to help put my son to bed tonight. I love his intensity to be held. It was very difficult, well more difficult than normal, to get him into his pajamas. All he wanted was to be held. No matter how I would position him he would find his way around and work his hardest to climb up to have dad hold him. One of the most special moments as a dad.

It made me wonder how intensly am I strving for my heavenly daddy to hold me... Am I constantly, no matter of where I am, striving to climb up and spend time with God? There are so many worthless things that we strive for. Watching one of the too many talent based shows, it amazes me what people strive for. I am even more amazed at the things that "followers of Christ" choose to strive for. I am blown away how eventhough we are to see others as Christ sees them, we still look at them according to physical/outward charasteriscis.

How great would it be to be brave/daring/willing enough to drop the act and genuinly love God. It would be so great to return to the unhindered passion and intensity of a child wanting their parent.

Psalms 17

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