21 June 2006


It has been HOT here lately. And to make it worse the wind is out of control. There is nothing better than ice cold water on a hot summer day. It is amazing how children have the ability put everything into perspective. I have been carrying a heavy burden lately. This past week has been "that week" if it could go wrong it has. Today my wife had to take our daughter to the doctor's office and I spent the afternoon with my son. We crawled around the family room and wrestled. It was such a refreshing time. It does not change what is going on, but it is a reminder of values and priorities. It is such a blessing to have such a great family; my wife, daughter, and son are so wonderful! Why is it that when "stuff' happens family takes the hit? Family is our support. Family is our team. Wow! What a blessing children are. My son will never know the impact of this time. There is no doubt I was in need of God reaching in to my world today. I am so glad I stopped and looked at things in that "childlike" perspective. I don't do that enough.

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