27 June 2006

Another HOT day in Mexico. We got to our worksites today. We are assisting the remodel of a local church. Today we painted and painted and painted. White and beige. It was a lot to get used to, because the paint was a lot different. It seemed like it was watered down. The best part about the whole time was that we were able to meet the pastors of the church and talk with the asst. pastor. He shared the heart of the church and his passion for ministry. It was really cool to meet these people and and see their passion for God.

We are so spoiled in so many ways in the states. So many people dont even realize how blessed we are and how good we have it. If these people had one ounce of what some of the locals have here... I would predict a lot less whining. It is refereshing to serve. It is refereshing to see people so authentically excited about Christ.

I think I have drank 5 gallons of water today. We are downing the bottled water faster than we can get it. Absolutely no public water, bad news.

It is great to serve. Philippians 2:14.

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