21 October 2008

Meet Jack

Let me introduce you to Jack. My kids decided to name our Halloween pumpkin Jack.

This past weekend we took a trip to the pumpkin patch. Glenda suggested that it be a mobile-free family time, which was a great idea. We had a great time at the pumpkin patch, then again it's hard not to when it's 80 degrees and sunny... in October! After eating too much kettle corn and jumping off the bales of hay we finally decided on which pumpkin we'd take home.

I have great memories of carving pumpkins. So, I was excited when it came time to carve up our pumpkin and I was sure that my kids were going to love it too. The excitement was building as I cut around the pumpkin stem to open the pumpkin up and show its "guts".

As I slowly lift the "lid" on the pumpkin guts, both of my kids gag. Emma runs into the bathroom acting like she's going to throw up. I had to practically bribe them to pull the seed and goop out. That was my favorite part!

After they dug in they found out they loved it.

When it was all over they wanted to carve another pumpkin. They were so proud of Jack.


Earl Thornton said...

Hey, did you roast the pumpkin seeds!?!?! I want some!

Erik said...

I did. I used a chile verde salt and lemon pepper. they were pretty good, but a bit over cooked.

joythornton said...

My son, the artist! I'm so proud.

jet said...

i miss those kiddos!