01 November 2007

Costume craziness

So, yesterday was Halloween. I know, the blog is starting off with real breaking news. But Halloween caught me off guard. Driving down the street, I looked over and saw Pippi Longstockings working at a local coffee shop. I thought, wow that job must suck, having to dress up like that for work, just to sell coffee! About a block down the road it dawned on me that it was Halloween... whoops. Then, I was filling up an extra large tank of gas and went in to pay and was surprised to see a witch behind the counter. My personal favorite was ordering my French Onion soup and cup of coffee from the "Ask a Ninja" character at Panera. Maybe I have missed it in past years but I was surprised to see so many adults dressed up for work. It was cool.

1 comment:

Earl Thornton said...

I'll call you when I get to SF.
I'll bet there will be some people in costumes... still... there!
Thought I'd give you a "hit" from Taiwan!