14 October 2007

Spelling 101

My daughter L - O - V - E - S school. One of her new favorites is to spell everything. Most of the time she will try to read the word, but occasionally she likes to spell the word and have me say what it spells. Today we were driving and she was spelling most of the business signs that we saw along the road... W-E-N-D-Y-S... M-c-D-O-N-A-L-D-S... C-H-A-S-E... it was fun having seeing her respond quickly to the signs and recognizing the letters. Just as we were settling into a nice spelling groove... "dad what does H-O-O-T-E-R-S spell?" My wife and I had a good laugh.


Earl Thornton said...

Okay father of a brilliant daughter, what did you tell her?

Erik said...

just pronounced the word and kept reading store names. she knew something was up ... she kept saying "what's so funny?"

ro.duh. said...

that's so funny!